Coaching, Community, & Resources for the Faith-Fueled Woman Entrepreneur Who Wants to Grow Her Business & Love Her Life!

Join Elevate5’s business, brand, and digital marketing coaching program designed to provide ongoing support, training, and tools for women entrepreneurs striving to create multi-six-figure businesses while still loving their lives, freedom, family, and faith!


You receive monthly trainings, work-together sessions, a dedicated community, and a private mastermind, all designed to aid the unique needs of the female entrepreneur in:

Becoming the Next Level YOU in Business, Faith, & Life​

Scaling your Business Strategy, Team, Tech, & Process​

Developing your Brand & Messaging to Attract your Ideal Client​

Designing a Website & Sales Funnel that Converts​

Mastering Marketing & Social Media Content with Ease & Authenticity

​Implementing together so you can see it through, not just learn!

We Believe...

You Have a Purpose

We believe you are here with a divine assignment, and your business is your vehicle to deliver those results. You are here to make a difference with what you bring to the world, and you and your business are here on purpose, for a purpose. Through Elevate365, we’d like to help you lean into that purpose and see it grow through you and who you are becoming in your life and business.

Elevate365 is Built Different

A new season of entrepreneurship is upon us. A season of so much distraction, so much noise, and yet so much opportunity for growth. THIS is why we’ve crafted Elevate365 to be built differently for the woman who desires growth in her business and to simplify and love her life at the same time –– she’s no longer willing to sacrifice one for the other, AND believes they are both possible. So, while Elevate365 is built to give you ongoing coaching, it also provides:

Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Work-Together Work Sessions with Expert Support

Resource Library with Templates, Worksheets, & Video Trainings

Curated List of Outside Experts & Their Trainings

Business Strategy Coaching

Access to Our List of Simple, Go-To Tech Solutions

Ongoing Mentorship & Leadership

Monthly Planning for 90-Day Push Goals with Self-Led Weekly Accountability Tracking

Community Access with Private Facebook Group for Daily Support

Access to our Monthly Elevate5 Think Tank Mastermind Sessions

Monthly live

Advanced Training

Elevate365 has monthly live sessions featuring advanced trainings from our team and our ever-expanding team of outside experts. These sessions will be topic-specific and here to serve and help you grow. If the topic speaks directly to an area of challenge, we recommend attending in person or submitting your questions in advance so we can answer them on the training. Suppose you do not need assistance with a particular topic and are even feeling overwhelmed with your workload. In that case, we recommend you keep the time to complete your key tasks and seek out the library of previously recorded trainings whenever needed!

Our Elevate5 Advanced Trainings will be focused around our five pillars of support for our clients: the entrepreneur, business strategy, branding & messaging, websites & funnels, and digital marketing!


You, the Entrepreneur

To grow your business, you must first have the clarity to truly see and grow yourself.

  • Story + Mindset

  • Purpose + Impact

  • Gifts + Skills

  • Personal Values + Goals


Your Business

Achieve significant growth by taking massive, aligned action when your strategies are built on the right foundations.

  • Business Values + Goals

  • Ideal Client + Ideal Results

  • Powerful Packages

  • Client Experience + Journey


Your Brand

Elevate your voice and visuals to create a premium brand that is authentically magnetic and influential.

  • Logo Mark

  • Brand Feel + Guidelines

  • Marketing Copy

  • Copy Creation


Your Website

Experience revenue growth from a powerful enrollment system created within your website and funnels.

  • Website Design

  • Lead Magnets

  • Landing + Sales Pages

  • Online Courses


Your Marketing

Increase your following and gain aligned leads with the consistent creation of premium content.

  • Marketing + Content Strategy

  • Social Media + Email Marketing

  • Blog + Vlog Content

  • Press Release


Work Sessions

Elevate365 incorporates two dedicated group work sessions each month to ensure you can place time on the calendar to move things ahead while expert support is there to answer questions and help you make powerful and aligned progress and decisions in your business.

We feel there are a LOT of business owners out there who are finding they are tired of being inspired and not having time to implement – including ourselves and our own team! We feel after a certain point it is a stumbling block to keep seeking more strategy when the business owner needs dedicated time to complete the necessary tasks for growth consistently. Elevate365 is built to support this entrepreneur!

During our work sessions, you might be working on a multitude of things; some ideas:

  • Content Creation for social media, emails, or blogs

  • Marketing strategy creation

  • Strategies to gain leads from stage

  • Process development and expanding your team

  • Seeking help to select a tech solution

  • Developing a launch for your latest program or event

  • Creating a funnel or client attraction strategy

  • Crafting a lead magnet or lead page

  • Refining your value ladder

  • Reviewing and updating your website

  • Seeking help with graphic design

  • Asking about concerns with your branding and colors

  • Developing successful daily/weekly practices to achieve consistency and success

  • Mindset questions and challenges

  • Personal connections to additional experts and help both inside and outside Elevate365

Also Included:

Elevate5’s Think Tank Mastermind

Want to be a part of our private, monthly membership where you get to meet and mastermind with other high-level Elevate5 clients to unlock answers to the questions you have in growing your business? Yeah, us too! It’s THAT good!

Mentorship & Community

You’ve experienced networking, but growth partners that run with you as you grow is a completely different experience. With ongoing connections throughout the program and a built-in private Facebook group, you’ll be supported throughout the year. 

This program is designed to be your business sisterhood: Support in all the tough stuff that surfaces in growing and aligning your business and life, but with none of the extra time-consuming requirements. So, no, not support with flowers per se, but rather FIRE, and a deep desire to truly see each other succeed!

This Community Believes In:

Loving your life

Living in your purpose

Simple is powerful, complication is pointless

Lifestyle Freedom

Time Freedom

Faith & Family


In this program you are encouraged to show up with fire, attuned to the season you are in. There are seasons of growing AND seasons of pause. Those in a deep growing season will be especially attuned to the self-led weekly accountability tracking and monthly planning sessions where we outline your big goals, and then line them up to 90-Day push planning, so you can more easily track and share your progress week-to-week. 

In the program you are encouraged to be vulnerable and open. 

Having a tough week? Get in the private Facebook group and SAY SO, so our group can offer encouragement and support! 

Have a big event coming up and need some extra support on social? JUST ASK, we’ll be happy to jump in and love on your posts, and offer feedback on the strategy! 

Have a BIG milestone to celebrate and your non-business friends just don’t quite get it? YES, SHARE THAT, TOO! 

We want to help you step through each week, month, quarter, and year, feeling you are no longer doing this alone. You have a group of business sisters to show up alongside you as you grow your BUSINESS while refining and further growing your LIFE!

You'll have access to

Premium Elevate5 Resource Library

This program is a high-touch, ongoing business, brand, website and digital marketing coaching program specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women business owners as coaches, consultants, creatives, service-providers, and speakers.

Business Breakthrough Masterclass: Grow the Right Business for YOU

Fix your Funnel Training

Master your Website: Design How-To and Easy-to-Follow Template for DIYers

Social Media Workable Content Calendar Template

Brand Camp Workbook: Dive into Unlocking your Brand Style, Story, & Message

Customize your Elevator-Pitch Worksheet

Social Media Canva Templates

Cara’s Little Black Book on the Best Kept Tech Secrets

JoDee & Cara’s Favorite, Life-Changing Book Recommendations

More resources added all the time!


Software Playbook!

Not sure on what platform to use for your website? What about a landing page?

Wondering where you should create your funnels and drip email campaigns?

How about looking for the best calendar software, project management apps,

Want to know how we use AI to create powerful messaging?

What should you use to easily post to social?

How about how to hack creating great content for social?

And lots, lots more (we can’t get Cara to shut-up on this stuff)!

Client Testimonials

What Others Are Saying About Us

"For me working with Elevate5 was a very empowering experience. I instantly felt connected which in turn led me to get my message out with ease. That honestly gave me the voice I have been searching for."

- Leith McHugh

"You both have helped me see it's doable for me!

Every time I have a convo with you both, I come away with an eye-opening insight of myself. Seeing me through others' eyes."

- Jennifer Nelson

"We are truly so thankful for you guys and we get so many comments on our new look and website! And when we run our analytics on how we are doing, it is crazy how many more people are seeing our site!"

- Jillian Winters, Sarah's Home

Plus, You'll receive:

Virtual Event Access

Ongoing virtual tickets to our monthly Elevate5 deep-dive training events such as The ONE THING Event, Fix your Funnel, Ugly Brand Challenge, and Brand Camp!

Live Event Access

Discounted access to our live events like Brand Camp and Ranch Reboot, with some complimentary events as well!

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Still not sure?

Elevate365 is perfect for you if…

This program is great for women who are actively growing their businesses —and know they are slowed within the cycle of going-it alone! They run out of day long before they run out of drive, yet they long to find a simpler approach.

These business boss ladies aren’t short on success, yet they know there is another level they desire to achieve. They are burned out on strategies, and really need something aligned and simple, and consistent so they can have both business AND life success. 

Further, if we're all honest, do you agree that women have an extra challenge in growing their businesses? It seems we ladies tend to see others’ strengths, all while bemoaning our own weaknesses. We have a habit of putting others first, at times to our own detriment. We cheerlead others wins, all the while beating ourselves up on minor faults and set-back. To jump to the next level, we suggest that we ALL need consistent encouragement, support, and a healthy mindset to help us see ourselves as powerfully and graciously as we see those around us!

If you’ve read this far, we’d suggest Elevate365 is perfect for you!

Let's do this!

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