Dare to Become a 6-Figure+ Entrepreneur While Loving Your Life & Expanding Your Freedom, Family & Faith

What If You Didn't Have to Figure it All Out Alone?

Welcome to Your Life, Elevated

More Impact. More Revenue. More Time Freedom. You want success in your business and your life and you're not willing to compromise either one for the other. So the real question is, what pushes a women to that next level of success?

Well, success leaves clues...

Listen to the acceptance speech of any professional receiving an award for being at the top of her game. What do the Meryl Streep's, Beyonce's, and Simone Biles's list as the reason for their success?

It is Always 3 Things:

1) Their coaches, studied in their craft,

2) The laser-focused training for their specific needs, and

3) The community to keep them focused for the long haul.

Why would it be any different for us?

Summitting that Next Mountain

Could Be As Easy as 1 2 3..


Your Coaching


Your Training


Your Community

How can we possibly assess our needs and provide ourselves guidance when we are the subject? Imagine trying to access your form while running. It is just not practical.

Your world is your craft and a coach's world is the perfection of your craft.

They study the whole picture and, as a result, have a wider-array of knowledge to bring to you.

Which is perfect because winners can't be focused on what everyone else is doing. They need to focus on perfecting what they are good at. Coaches survey the field and bring to you only the relevant information.

Let's face it, educating yourself is a full time job. That's why teachers exist. So much time and thought goes into curating a curriculum to establish the basis of knowledge necessary to even speak the language of your craft.

As the person learning, how is it feasible to have a grasp on the scope of knowledge you need?

We simply don't know what we don't know.

That's why we need training. More than that, we need to be taught specific to us. Nothing is more frustrating than being misunderstood or mistook as "dull" when it is really the way the information has been presented.

If we expected you to be equally as motivated everyday, we'd be delusional. Anyone trying to stretch themselves beyond their current capacity can attest that the peaks are high and the valleys are low.

The glue that keeps you committed in the in-between is your people.

Unfortunately for us entrepreneurs, it can often feel like being on an island by yourself. After a while, it is easier to save your breath than try to make your work-life relatable. Which is a shame, because running your own successful business deserves a cheerleading squad, invested in each play!

if you're like us, you know

There's More for Your Life

You know you are an entrepreneur when you've made a career out of crafting your own path, usually because you didn't jive with the one already there. You are truly remarkable when you are uncompromising on how you come about your success.

Who Says You Can't Run a 6-Figure+ Business ...

Selling leads like hotcakes without feeling like the admin, marketer, research department & janitor all at once?

Knowing the familiar feeling of REM sleep, do not disturb, & "yes, I have time to chat," without questioning God's choice of 24 hours?

Feeling like the president of your company's fan club without a campaign slogan & baking your potential clients cupcakes?

Hearing "I went ahead and purchased on your website" without defining a funnel as anything more than a kitchen tool

Checkmating the social media game without being chronically online to the point of chess being an app you download

Being the line-leader of your industry without lacking other "big kids" to talk shop on all that comes with taking the lead

Let us help you

Get There on Your Terms

A new season of entrepreneurship is upon us. A season of so much distraction, so much noise, and yet so much opportunity for growth. THIS is why we’ve crafted Elevate365 to be built differently for the woman who desires growth in her business and to simplify and love her life at the same time –– she’s no longer willing to sacrifice one for the other, AND believes they are both possible. So, Elevate365 is built to give you the 3 things all high-achievers cite for their success:


Your Coaching


Your Training


Your Community

Top-Tier Coaching

So you can drown-out the noise from anyone who doesn't know how to get you to exactly where you want to go, which means you can act instead of hesitate, goodbye 👋 biggest bottleneck to your success

Advanced Training

So you can routinely see your business from 360 degrees & through the lens of experts, which means falling down less rabbit holes 🌀that only lead you to wonderland

Private Facebook Group

So you can chat with your business besties any time of day, which means no more crafting analogies to try to explain to your 'normal' friends why sending your first automated email should be shared, even at this hour 🤯



So you can ensure life is happening for you, not to you, which means your year in review feels like lounging on the beach with the occasional excursion, and not being whipped around every rollercoaster at Disney 🎢

Resource Library

So you can borrow the expert's notes for success,🗒️which means instead of missing the moment by trying to also be your assistant and write it all down, you can show up as the CEO of your company's future

Work-Togethers & Masterminds

So you can tackle the biggest snag in your business to date with the whole Elevate5 network, ✅which means you can finally cross-off that one straggler who has over stayed her welcome on your to-do list for far too long

"Having the right circle of women around you is honestly the biggest life upgrade."


Let's face it, girl

You chose the road less traveled by

Of all women entrepreneurs, only...


make 6 figures+ per year


make 7 figures+ per year

Good thing you don't have to figure it out alone

Now here's the thing

About Daring for More...

Hey there, Business Sister! 🙌

JoDee & Cara here.

We're talking to you, but really we're talking to who we've been and who we have to continually remind ourselves not to be in order to avoid life's pitfalls.

Just because you stepped out on this path alone, does not mean you have to continue this way. Your world is not slowing down. 😵‍💫 It's constantly shifting, and if you're being honest with yourself, you know it. Being the leader and owner of all processes is exhausting. There are not enough hours in the day and days in the year to do everything.

But, those who dare for more don't back down! So, something has to give? Usually, it's you.

Your time with family, friends (ability to remember birthdays), your pants (stretchy pants have become the work-from-home CEO uniform out of necessity with your sedentary lifestyle). 👖 You chose this path, because you value your autonomy and channeling your time where you see fit. Yet, some how it morphed into a monster that compromised the mission or moments you were trying to preserve in the first place.

It can feel like you're in too deep to acknowledge this, so you ignore it, dig deeper and exasperate the problem in hopes that the process will be sped up, so it can end and your reasoning can be proven worthwhile.

Listen here sister. 👀 We see you. We've been you. And, eventually, we dared for our life to be more than living this cycle too. So, what had to give?

Thinking we needed to be a Jill of all trades and finder of all answers. You see, we realized when you have a sister, you double what you can do. In our case, one can love front-end strategy without speaking code and one can love back-end tech without speaking sales. Each gets to be at her most passionate and skilled, which ultimately moves the needle furthest and preserves her sanity (biggest perk, just ask the other sister). 😏

Now, imagine if you could not only have our brains, but those of our network, 365 days of the year. 🌎 Do you feel lighter already? We'll keeping going.

  • What if you didn't feel the need to forecast every problem you might have, because you have the platform to ask away without the trolls of reddit?

  • What if *gasp* you could rebel against your own autonomy and off-load the discipline of getting things done, with other women needing the same thing? Call it nostalgia boss, but it was nice to have people on the same tier as you working on similar things!

  • And, what if you didn't blink your eye and it's a new year, because someone was there to force a pit-stop and make sure you're happy with your direction come time to turn the calendar again?

In short sister, you can have it all, you just can't do it all alone.

Elevate365 brings the best parts of a work community — some structure (really try not to squirm here, you don't realize you're missing it, we promise 😆), comradery, and accountability — while persevering the reasons you sought entrepreneurship in the first place.

Hello 👋 more hours in your day, quality of life, and people who get you! And all you need to do is join and await further direction. I don't know about you, but we already feel lighter 😂

Meet those

Who Took the Leap

"For me working with Elevate5 was a very empowering experience. I instantly felt connected which in turn led me to get my message out with ease. That honestly gave me the voice I have been searching for."

- Leith McHugh

"You both have helped me see it's doable for me!

Every time I have a convo with you both, I come away with an eye-opening insight of myself. Seeing me through others' eyes."

- Jennifer Nelson

"We are truly so thankful for you guys and we get so many comments on our new look and website! And when we run our analytics on how we are doing, it is crazy how many more people are seeing our site!"

- Jillian Winters, Sarah's Home

The big five in

Scaling Your Business & Life

Elevate365 has monthly live sessions featuring advanced trainings from our team and our ever-expanding team of outside experts. There are five pillars key to the Elevate5 approach that make for a balanced business & life!


You, the Entrepreneur

It all starts with you. Your business is an extension of yourself. How you operate in this world is how you operate your business. Let's ensure both are how you like.

  • Story + Mindset

  • Purpose + Impact

  • Gifts + Skills

  • Personal Values + Goals


Your Business

Your business is our business. We broke the 6-Figure glass ceiling and we're reaching our hand down to you. Skip the missteps and join the top 12%. We want you with us!

  • Business Values + Goals

  • Ideal Client + Ideal Results

  • Powerful Packages

  • Client Experience + Journey


Your Brand

Your brand lives at the intersection of you, the entrepreneur, and your business. People buy from people, not businesses. Let's craft a brand that has you written all over it.

  • Logo Mark

  • Brand Feel + Guidelines

  • Marketing Copy

  • Copy Creation


Your Website

Your online presence is more valuable than real estate these days. It seems to take just as much building material too. Let the experts help with the construction!

  • Website Design

  • Lead Magnets

  • Landing + Sales Pages

  • Online Courses


Your Marketing

The culmination of who you are and what your business can do is rooted in getting it to your market. Let us help you find the fastest path to making the biggest splash!

  • Marketing + Content Strategy

  • Social Media + Email Marketing

  • Blog + Vlog Content

  • Press Release

This is It, Sister!

Dare to lead the pack as a founding member

and enjoy being grandfathered into this introductory price!

More than a $6,997 Value!


per month

or $1,997 per year

Still not sure?

Action Isn't For Everyone

If you are a women who is actively growing your businesses —and know you are being slowed by the cycle of going at it alone, this is for you! You run out of day long before you run out of drive, yet you long for a simpler approach.

You aren’t short on success, yet you just know there is another level you desire to (and can) achieve. You are burned out on strategies, and are really craving the simple and sustainable, so you can rest in having both business AND life success. 

Deep down, you admit that as a women there may be a twinge of an extra challenge in growing your business? Not for any reason other than us ladies tending to see others’ strengths, while bemoaning our own weaknesses. We have a habit of putting others first, at times to our own detriment. We cheerlead others wins, while beating ourselves up on minor faults and set-back. To jump to the next level, we ALL need consistent encouragement, support, and a healthy mindset to help us see ourselves as powerfully and graciously as we see those around us!

If you’ve made it this far, seems like you're one of our people! Can't wait to meet you soon😉

Let's do this!

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